We are Arteria Technology

Welcome to Arteria Technology, the company behind advanced technology products focused on the science of improving human performance through temperature control.

We are a team of experienced professionals dedicated to identifying and supporting the growth of innovative, high-potential technology companies. Our portfolio includes CoolMitt™, our patented vasocooling technology that improves workout performance and supports overall health by safely and rapidly cooling core body temperature.

Our current focus is two-fold: 

  • Accelerating human performance for athletes, first responders, and military personnel.
  • Improving workplace safety, productivity, and comfort.

Thank you for your interest in Arteria Technology

Our Products

Arteria Technology has successfully commercialized its first product, CoolMitt™, in use by elite athletes, Special Forces military, first responders, and competitive humans everywhere.

The patented CoolMitt technology chills liquid to the optimal temperature range, and runs it through the patented Mitt, worn on the hand, to accelerate the cooling of core body temperature more quickly than the body can do on its own. The process, known as palm cooling, enables improved performance, faster recovery, and enhanced safety when performing physical tasks, including competitive sports, athletic training, and firefighting. The device is portable and rechargeable, offering up to eight hours on a single charge.

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